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Fires, Floods, Protestors, Oh My!
April 6, 2015 | 8:31 pm

Mayor Jim Tom Trent

What a week we had leading up to Easter Sunday.

First, we had a small forest fire in the Rodburn Hollow area that was contained by the U.S. an KY Forest Services with assistance and back up from the Morehead Fire Department. The fire was spread over several hundred acres before it was extinguished by Mother Nature. Fortunately, there were no physical injuries or property damage as a results.

After assisting in extinguishing the fire at Rodburn, Mother Nature decided to stay around, and with a vengeance. On Good Friday, we received nearly 3 inches of rain in a one hour period Friday evening and over 9 inches for the day which ultimately resulted in the flooding of several low lying areas in downtown. At approximately 9 pm, the section of Flemingsburg Road in front of Wendys was impassable with four to five of water filling the area. Sections of 1st Street, Short Street and Clearfield Street were covered with at least a foot or two of water at different times that evening.

Fortunately, thanks to the quick response of our local police, fire, EMS and Swift Water Rescue Team, there were no injuries to report. Unfortunately, however, there were a few downtown businesses and private homes that took on water. One of the worst areas hit was the Don Greenhill City Park, where it was estimated that water rose to the height of 4 feet on the dugouts located on the Little League Field.

Nevertheless, as our community has done every single time, the citizens, city workers, businesses and volunteers banded together to clean up the mess that was left behind by the flood. I want to personally commend Public Works Director Greg Jones and his staff as well as Parks and Recreation Director David Morris and his team for the countless hours they put in to get our city streets and city park back in good shape.

Then, early afternoon on Saturday, our community was visited by a group purporting to be members of the KKK. While many words were exchanged back in forth between the group and passersby, there were no serious incidents. We do not, nor will ever, promote hate speech in any form or fashion. However, when a group peacefully assembles and demonstrates and does so abiding by our laws, we have very little recourse in preventing such speech based on current state and federal laws. As a community, we will continue to research ways to legally prevent such speech in the future.

We certainly hope that everyone was able to enjoy Easter Sunday with their families.