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Memo from the Mayor: 2016 Goals
January 14, 2016 | 10:00 am

Mayor Jim Tom Trent

We have many goals and aspirations for our community in 2016. Some of our top priorities are:

1. Because public safety is and always will be our top priority, we will first continue to develop plans for a new police and fire building to be built within the city limits.

Public safety also includes partnering with Morehead Utility Plant Board to continue to look at all available resources to help mitigate future flooding in our community, including planning and implementation of preventative measures through ordinances, infrastructure upgrades and regular maintenance of existing systems.

2. Continue looking at ways and the means to upgrade our recreation and overall wellness resources for the entire community, including but not limited to, an indoor recreation and wellness facility, an outdoor pool or water park facility, a dog park, walking paths and additional ball fields and green space recreational areas in close proximity as possible to downtown.

3. Continue to develop, in partnership with Rowan County Fiscal Court, MSU and Rajant Corporation, a downtown WiFi system that can be accessed by shoppers and visitors on and around Main Street.

4. Continue to partner with the Rowan County Fiscal Court, Morehead-Rowan County Economic Development Council, Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce, MSU, St. Claire Regional Medical Center, City of Lakeview Heights, Rowan County School District and Gateway Area Development District, as well as other community partners, to not only help our existing local businesses and developments grow and prosper, but also to recruit new businesses and developers to our area.

This includes continually exploring viable options for improving the downtown area both esthetically and functionally.

5. Continue to communicate, cooperate and collaborate with all community partners to make our community the best in can be for residents and visitors.

We ask that residents and business owners remain patient yet enthusiastic about the future of our community as we work diligently to make it better for mall.