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Laura White-Brown Elected First Female Mayor of Morehead

Challenger Laura White-Brown defeated incumbent Jim Tom Trent 717-679 on Tuesday, November 6, to become Morehead’s first female mayor. “Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Laura White-Brown for running a tremendous race and working extremely hard to win this election,” said Mayor Trent. “I pledge my full support to her during the transition period over the next couple of months.” Please read the story in the Morehead News for more details here. Read More

City “Pushes In” Brand New “Tower 1” Ladder Truck

Morehead Fire Chief Jeff Anderson came to brand new Mayor Jim Tom Trent and City Council in January, 2015 and requested that the City started thinking about getting a new ladder truck. Fast forward to Monday evening, October 8th, and, following the monthly City Council meeting, the Chief’s wish came true as he watched with pride as his volunteer fire fighters, Mayor Trent and City Council, “pushed in” the truck to its spot in Morehead Fire Station 1 for the first time. The brand new $1.2 million dollar truck, built by the Sutphan Fire Truck Company in Ohio, is state… Read More

UPDATE: Trick or Treat MOVED to Tuesday, October 30; Just Say Boo To Drugs Still on for October 31

UPDATE: Due to the threat of heavy rain and high winds on Wednesday, Morehead’s Trick or Treat night will now be held on TUESDAY, October 30, from 6 to 8 pm. Trick or Treaters are urged to wear bright and reflective clothing while walking near city streets. Morehead’s very popular annual Just Say Boo To Drugs event will remain as scheduled, Wednesday, October 31 from 6-8 pm in the Laughlin Health Building on the campus of Morehead State University. Line ups will begin at 4:30 in Wetherby Gymnasium where we will have a movie showing for the participants while they… Read More

City Unveils New Playground Equipment and Improved Basketball Courts

In the spring of 2017, after nearly 30 years of usage, the old “blue and white” playground structure that had been enjoyed by thousands of children had gradually fell into disrepair. David Morris, long-time Director of the Morehead Parks and Recreation Department knew something had to be done. “That structure was put in by Gametime 30 years ago and has been a favorite of the public for my entire time here at the Park, but it was time for it to go,” said Morris. He, together with his staff and Mayor Trent, came up with a plan to replace the… Read More

City of Morehead Issues RFP for Laughlin Health Bldg.

The City of Morehead issued an RFP for Laughlin Health Building on MSU’s campus. The RFP is specifically for “Recreation Facility Management” consultants. At the request of the proposed community partners for the project, Mayor Jim Tom Trent put together a “Laughlin Committee”, consisting of representatives from City Council, Rowan Co. Fiscal Court, Morehead Tourism, Morehead State University and a citizen at large, to explore the viability of the proposed project as to its potential use for community recreation, senior and community wellness as well as recreational tourism–with athletic tournaments, etc. It is the desire of the committee to… Read More

Morehead Events

Don’t miss a single event in Morehead this summer. For a full list of all of the city’s happenings, click here. … Read More

Morehead Splash Pad: A True Community Partnership

Newly elected Mayor Jim Tom Trent was presented with a big challenge on his first day in office. The city pool that had served the community for nearly 40 years had been closed in the spring of 2014 because of major structural issues that made it unsafe. Morehead needed a water-play facility. After looking at many different options, it became apparent that traditional pools and waterparks were just too costly for the City’s budget. Mayor Trent was then introduced to Chris Campbell and DWA Recreation for help in finding a more affordable water-play… Read More